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Branham first spoke about original sin in ; he rejected the orthodox view of the subject and hinted at his own belief in a hidden meaning to the story. In , Branham preached a series of sermons on the seven church ages based on chapters two and three of the Book of Revelation. The sermons closely aligned with the teachings of C.

Scofield and Clarence Larkin , the leading proponents of dispensationalism in the preceding generation. He asserted the messenger would be a mighty prophet who put the Word of God first, that he would be a lover of the wilderness, that he would hate wicked women, and be an uneducated person. Branham preached another sermon in , further indicating he was a prophet who had the anointing of Elijah and was a messenger heralding the second coming of Christ.

Branham regarded his series of sermons on the Seven Seals as a highlight of his ministry. Branham believed denominationalism was "a mark of the beast ", which added to the controversy surrounding his later ministry. Branham's doctrine was similar to the anti-Catholic rhetoric of classical Pentecostalism and Protestantism, which commonly associated the mark of the beast with Catholicism.

Branham issued a series of prophecies during his ministry. He claimed to have had a prophetic revelation in June that predicted seven major events would occur before the Second Coming of Christ. Of all of Branham's doctrines, his teachings on Christian restorationism have had the most lasting impact on modern Christianity.

Paul Cain , Bill Hamon, Kenneth Hagin , and other restoration prophets cite Branham as a major influence; they played a critical role in introducing Branham's restoration views to the Apostolic-Prophetic Movement , the Association of Vineyard Churches , and other large Charismatic organizations.

The teaching holds that Christianity should return to a form mirroring the primitive Christian church.

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On December 18, , Branham and his family—except his daughter Rebekah—were returning to Jeffersonville, Indiana, from Tucson for the Christmas holiday. Branham's death stunned the Pentecostal world and shocked his followers. His body was finally buried on April 11, ; Easter Monday. Hagin , who claimed to have prophesied Branham's death two years before it happened. According to Hagin, God revealed that Branham was teaching false doctrine and God was removing him because of his disobedience. In the confusion immediately following Branham's death, expectations that he would rise from the dead developed among his followers.

Branham was the "initiator of the post-World War II healing revival" [28] and, along with Oral Roberts, was one of its most revered leaders. The more controversial doctrines Branham espoused in the closing years of his ministry were rejected by the Charismatic movement, which viewed them as "revelatory madness". Charismatic author John Crowder wrote that his ministry should not be judged by "the small sliver of his later life", but by the fact that he indirectly "lit a fire" that began the modern Charismatic movement.

Crowder said Branham was a victim of "the adoration of man" because his followers began to idolize him in the later part of his ministry. Though Branham is no longer widely known outside Pentecostalism, [] his legacy continues today. Some thought he was a dupe of the devil. Some thought he was an end-time messenger sent from God, and some still do. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American Christian minister. The Reverend. Cumberland County, Kentucky , US. Amarillo, Texas , US. Amelia Hope Brumbach m. Meda Marie Broy m. William Sharon Rebekah Sarah Joseph.

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Further information: Annihilationism. Further information: Oneness Pentecostalism.

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Further information: Conditional election and Unconditional election. Further information: Serpent Seed and Original Sin. Further information: Restorationism. Their baptismal formula is done "in the name of Jesus", rather than the more common Trinitarian formula "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit". Britain announced its intention to divide Palestine in February ; the partition plan was adopted by the UN in November , and State of Israel formally became a nation on May 14, Jeffersonville Evening News.

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  • Manitoba, Canada. July 15, El Paso Herald Post. He made preparations to travel west and hunt Javelina, an animal similar to wild boar in Arizona. Prior to Javelina season-opening, in late February of , a strange cloud formed over Northern Arizona. This cloud and another smaller, similar cloud slowly formed into rings, floated across Arizona from west to east and drew nationwide attention as scientists tried to determine its origin. At the time of the cloud's passage across the northern part of the state, William Branham was in Houston, TX rallying support for the stay of execution for Leslie Douglas Ashley and Caroline Lima.

    After traveling back to Arizona from Houston, and finally back home to Jeffersonville, IN, Branham began preaching a series of sermons he claimed to be his "revelation" of the "Seven Seals" described in the Book of Revelation. I believe miracles still do happen.

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    His still a living God. Sure brother. Our jesus is unchanged. He will do the same today. Only believe all things are possible by Jesus. Shalom my brother in Christ,as I read your testimony my hearts just melts as my son just graduated but could not find work he had to leave town to stay with my unbeliever brother and his family and my heart cries out to God that he can get a permanent job and come back home,I really feels encouraged now plz pray for him too that God gives him permanent job in his hometown!

    All authorities vin Jesus hand and His promise is whatsoever you ask in jesus name. That s all you believe and receive appointment. Jesus has already sanctioned.

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