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Arya underwent a series of violent ordeals, but the real violent ordeal was the friends she made along the way. Tyrion, newly installed Hand of the King, used his wits to figure out who was leaking info to Cersei in episode three. Good-bye, Renly. What was Daenerys doing?

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Oh, yes, by episode six she was in Qarth, where her dragons got stolen and all her Dothraki friends got murdered. His old frenemies Jon Snow and Robb Stark both found love in the eighth episode , and while those relationships both ended incredibly tragically, even by Game of Thrones standards, at least they were cute at the time.

Afterward, Sophie Turner revealed that, despite playing the worst character on television, Jack Gleeson was actually really nice , and we finally discovered why the show had so much nudity. Bush , and it turned into a whole thing. With a single word in episode four — Dracarys!

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In all things, balance. Speaking of marriage, this season was marked by another famous wedding: that of Sansa and Tyrion! And we got even more classic reaction videos out of it:. What would the post—Red Wedding landscape of Game of Thrones look like? We got more new characters, and they leaned butch; there was the swaggering Oberyn Martell, a new beardier Daario, [ extremely Coors Light voice ] and Thenns.

Speaking of Westerosi injustice, episode seven had Littlefinger push Lysa out the Moon Door, but not before she revealed that he was the one who started this whole game-of-thrones mess in the first place. But no one wanted to talk about any of that! Instead, fans were mostly upset that that show had written out Lady Stoneheart , the first sign that Game of Thrones would soon be charting its own course away from the path laid out in the books. But A Feast for Crows and A Dance With Dragons presented a challenge of adaptation — they both took place at the same time, with each only following half of the characters and introducing plenty of new ones to boot.

So season five sped through the highlights of the fourth and fifth books, making some large, controversial edits. Each queen got a new antagonist: Cersei the High Septon, who was either Pope Francis or Bernie Sanders, depending on whom you asked; Daenerys the masked Sons of the Harpy , whom no one really cared about.

In the books, the eldest Stark daughter remains in the Vale, but the show spirited her North to marry Ramsay. This was far from the first Game of Thrones rape controversy, but it may have been the most severe, as fans and news outlets threatened to quit the show in protest. Daenerys left Meereen on the back of a dragon. Arya got revenge on Meryn Trant in an extremely bloody scene, which upset the Faceless Men so much that they turned her blind. Still, Kit Harington had to spend nearly a year lying to everyone , an experience he later admitted drove him to seek therapy.

With its sixth season , Game of Thrones finally passed the events of the series , a sad day not just for smug readers but also George R.

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  5. Martin, who had to accept that he would not be the one who got to tell the world how this story ended. To prove just what kind of brave new world we were in, the series ended the season premiere with the revelation that Melisandre was actually an elderly woman in magical disguise , a surprise only the most eagle-eyed readers had guessed. But that was just a setup for what everyone knew was coming : In episode two , Jon Snow did indeed return from the dead. Speaking of magic, Bran Stark returned after a season-long absence, which raised the question of just how much time had passed since the beginning of the show.

    Euron Greyjoy made a similarly grand entrance by killing off his brother Balon , and the triumph of this boorish misogynist at the kingsmoot offered an unwitting preview of what would happen in our own world a few months later. It was kind of a depressing season, so people started shipping Brienne and Tormund to keep their spirits up. Arya was still in Braavos, only this time she was hanging out with some actors putting on a play about the events of the show. Eternals - Black Widow - Avengers - Present. Infinity Gauntlet The Amazing Spider-Man - Present.

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    Ataque Del M. Dracula Hulk Vs. Fin Fang Foom Hulk Vs. Assassin M. The Avengers - Marvel Universe Vs. X - Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos Ms. Marvel - Ms. She also reveals that by placing a sliver of Green Kryptonite in Superman's optic nerve, she caused him to accidentally kill Doctor Light , with the added effect of severely weakening and almost killing Superman over time. Atomica originally worked on Earth-3 with Johnny Quick as a thief and killer.

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    One night after killing two cops, they are cornered on the roof of S. Labs during a storm. Lightning hits a satellite, electrocuting Johnny and granting him speed powers.

    Rhonda falls inside the building and lands near Ray Palmer's Atomico work, gaining size and density changing powers. An unnamed scientist in the rd Century performed experiments in superstring theory that creates a singularity and whose radiation alters his physical make-up. When the singularity threatened to expand and destroy his universe, he enters it in an attempt to save the universe but instead finds himself on an interdimensional bridge to another universe as his own is wiped out, unable to stop it.

    At the end of the bridge, he finds Superman Prime who came to help but was too late. Stranded, he searches this universe for remnants of the one he lost, in time taking the name the Atom and joining the Justice Legion Alpha when he helped them defeat the Bizarro-Legion. This Atom's powers differ from his predecessors in that he doesn't shrink but breaks up into several smaller duplicates of himself divided amongst his mass. At atomic size, these duplicates can mimic elements such as gold and oxygen.

    He was taken prisoner by Lex Luthor and made to live in one of his own petri dishes for a period of months until his rescue by Catgirl.

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    He was then instrumental in the liberation of Kandor. The first hero in the Tangent timeline, he inadvertently caused the Cuban missile crisis to escalate into a limited nuclear exchange that obliterated Florida and Cuba in , unknown to his fellow Americans. Thompson was succeeded by his son, who was killed by the Tangent Comics version of the Fatal Five , and a grandson named Adam, who, in Tangent: Superman's Reign , is being held captive by Superman.

    It is suggested in the Tangent series that The Atom's name was at least in part chosen because of the abbreviation of his full name "Arthur Harrison Thompson" on his barracks door to simply "A. In the final issue of 52 , a new Multiverse is revealed, originally consisting of 52 identical realities. Among the parallel realities shown is one designated "Earth-2". As a result of Mister Mind "eating" aspects of this reality, it takes on visual aspects similar to the pre-Crisis Earth-2, including the Atom among other Justice Society of America characters.

    The names of the characters and the team are not mentioned in the panel in which they appear, but the Atom is visually similar to the Al Pratt Atom. In Countdown 30, the Challengers from Beyond encountered Earth, a world where the sidekicks had taken their mentor's places. Countdown: Arena also depicts the Ray Palmer of Earth-6, who through unknown circumstances now has the powers and title of the Ray.

    On the newly introduced Earth, Atomarsupial is one of the metasimian Primate Legion [14]. Ray begins an ambiguous relationship with Damian Dahrk's daughter Nora who is played by Routh's real life wife Courtney Ford. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Atom disambiguation. Main article: Atom Al Pratt. Main article: Atom Ray Palmer. Main article: Atom Ryan Choi.