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Land of the Rising Dead: A Tokyo School Girl's Guide to Surviving the Zombies Apocalypse

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Bonnie Dee. Apocalypse--Book an Archon zombie novel. Scott W. Soft Apocalypse. Will McIntosh. Jeff Jacobson. And tonight, it is too darn cold and dark to try and get a connection. There are five bedrooms in the house, three double rooms and two bunk rooms. We are in the room with an ensuite, which is lovely. A bit of a disadvantage but it is still a fabulous house. We believe part of it is original and transported there, an old weatherboard place and the huge living area is built on as is the three quarter deck.

Last night and today as we had people coming and leaving we talked about writing goals. David likes to have a bit of structure and as he organised the retreat we are up for that. I took a break in the middle of the day to walk to the river.

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I explored the property keeping to the graded road as there are mine shafts apparently. I found an old ruin, just the chimney and encountered a kangaroo, a few wombat holes, the river eventually which was amazing. It was still and quiet and the bird calls were amplified in that space that it sounded so loud and surreal. I made my way back, loving the bush around me and day dreaming how much Matthew and I would like a place like this.

I like retreats because they make me focus. If not Ill have to rewrite that little section I worked on during my writers date on Tuesday. So as I have reached my word count, tomorrow will be about rewriting the ms and fixing things. Thats the Dweeb.

It is my pleasure to bring this interview to you. She published a zombie apocalypse novel and got away with it and its good too. I recently signed on for the mad science experiment of creating new life. I won a couple of manuscript prizes prior to that Hachette and Olvar Wood and had short stories, poems and articles published.

I also wrote a regular column for Canberra Cyclist until recently.

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As part of that award program, I worked with my mentor, Inga Simpson, to bring it up to scratch. The book came out on 1 November How did that story evolve for you? With a combination of comics, illustrations, and informative entries, this entertaining and colourful guide in combating the undead is as informative as it is entertaining!

From the basics of zombie knowledge, to detailed location-specific plans, join four Tokyo school girls as they learn what they need to know to survive, whether in class, at the mall, or out on the streets of Tokyo! It was a regular day of class, when suddenly Kris, Sara, Lina, and Melo barely managed to escape their school alive only to find the entire city in full blown panic mode. Now it's time for these four brave school girls to learn all they'll need to know about the undead and to teach us how to survive a zombie apocalypse along the way, Japan-style!

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