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This is perhaps best illustrated through the character of Eve, who was punished for introducing original sin to the world, although she was duped by the evil serpent. It is her defiance and quest for knowledge that are largely held responsible for the fall of Eden, and so through her representation we discuss the role of humankind in the condition of the world today.

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She innocuously wanders through a verdant landscape, however, the deep, foreboding sky envelops the figure, and she is almost swallowed up by the triffid-like flowers and vegetation. Amongst this beautiful otherworldly scene, seductively flecked with gold-dust, the viewer is aware of an impending sense of doom, conscious of the devious serpent lurking in the depths of Eden and his inevitable encounter with the unsuspecting Eve. This raises questions of how intentional the harm caused to earth has been by man, whilst also being suggestive of how apprehensive we are as a society of our advancements and their ramifications.

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  8. Her photograph of the female figure is printed on canvas, and then shredded away with fine strips of the canvas suspended from the picture plane. The implications of physically shredding away the female form remind us of the curse of physical pain in childbirth that Eve is given from God as a results of her actions, and broadly asks the question of whether there is always a price to pay for man's crusade for advancement.

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    These four works touch on issues of religion, nature and sexuality. This work hints at the subtle power play between man and woman that echoes the Genesis narrative. The idea of the inevitable downfall of paradise is subtly explored in the works of Peihang Huang.

    Frequently inspired by images from the media, the artist seduces the viewer with rich swirls of vibrant oil paint, in a vivid colour palette that belie the darker subject matter she depicts. On closer inspection this familiar image presents itself — derived from the heart-wrenching photograph that flooded the news in of the Syrian boy pulled from the rubble in the aftermath of an airstrike.

    Syria, once a flourishing country and nostalgically considered a paradise, is all but destroyed through the act of war. If man continues in this vein what will remain of our world?

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