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Its chosen restitution was to be born as a human: a small, ephemeral planet-dweller, living life after life until it will either witness the destruction of humanity, or be instrumental in preventing that destruction. He has the ability to lead people from hopelessness and despair to strength and love. He is a professional grandfather, and a respected figure in many circles. Until , he knew himself to be a stuff-up: ugly, stupid, unlovable, unable to love. In order to carry out his work of saving humanity from destruction, he needs to recover memories from a few of his many past lives.

Ascending Spiral is a novel that will take the reader to many different places and times, showing, ultimately, that our differences and divisions, even at their most devastating, are less important than our similarities. As described in the prologue to the book, healing from hurt is ideally accompanied by despair and helplessness to strength and love. True, deep healing involves gaining in spiritual sense, enjoying and valuing a journey from having a life to being life itself. It is a journey in which the healer and the patient share the spirit of life as the ultimate end in itself.

The sense of freedom, of power, of unrestrained passion, and even closeness with the natural world. I reckon more time would be just about be the most useful thing to me right now haha. And he seems to be pretty good at manipulating that! I have a guest! Diane is doing a guest post here on fuonlyknew! And, there is a giveaway.

Details are at the bottom. Coven : The Scrolls of the Four Winds. Amira, Mina, Iman, Uzma. They are the Triad witches from long ago, born and raised to protect the Scrolls of the Four Winds. In present day they may have different names but they are still the Triad Witches.

ISBN 13: 9781615991730

The binding spells cast upon them by Victoria, causing them to forget, are weakening. Victoria has always regretted betraying the trust of her sisters and longs for the love and companionship she once had. She needs the others to help harness the power of the scrolls but she fears them also. She wanted ultimate power, but vowed never to harm her three sisters unless it became absolutely necessary. She has never felt whole, felt loved, like when the Triad was together. The time will come when she must choose, world domination or love. I became quite fond of Alexis, Cassandra, and Macy.

It was fun discovering how each ones powers showed in how they lived and worked. Ethan I disliked right away. He is shallow and narcissistic. Not someone I cared for at all. There is another character that I liked at first, but grew to distrust. Oh, what can I say. At first I was ambivalent about her, then I got mad at her, and then I felt such sadness for her. Her hunger for power and her longing for the love of her sisters is ripping her apart. She will have to choose one or the other. Coven is about much more than witches and witchcraft.

It guides you through friendship, betrayal, love, loss and regret. You will learn that nothing is final, bad choices can be changed, wrongs righted, and good can overcome evil.

Love yourself, trust your heart, and others will love you too. I was moved by Coven and it made me take a long look at myself. I felt there was a message for everyone in this story and I recommend this book to everyone as it has something for all of you. Coven: The Scrolls of the Four Winds was my first novel.

Coven: The Scrolls of the Four Winds

It was magickal from the moment I began writing it. I was working in a very demanding corporate job at the time, and I asked the Universe to give me the time to finish writing it.

Miraculously, I contracted the flu, which landed in my throat, ultimately making me lose my voice for many months, during which time I was able to complete writing Coven. The idea came to me as I considered the misconceptions and negative connotations associated with Witches and what it really means to be one.

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In its most positive context, everyone has the potential to be a Witch , and many aspire to be so. Being a Witch is a lifestyle, a way of being, a dedication to lifelong learning , a sense of connection with nature, the Divine , and all of the energies that surround us. It is the ability to direct those energies toward a focused purpose. It is understanding Universal Law and riding the wave of the Tao to achieve in an effortless way, to manifest, and to thrive in abundance. It is a way to come into your power. Life is a string of magickal moments. You have magick within you! Diane Wing, M.

She is the founder of Wing Academy of Unfoldment and the creator of Pathways: An interactive journey of self-discovery. Diane works with her clients to find meaning and fulfillment in their lives by helping them release their Inner Magick. You can read my review here.


Tristan and his band are a sensation. Their rock concerts are jam-packed show after show. Well, except for her. The problem is he wants to make her one too.

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He loved feeling her beneath him, her warm, beating body that knew his own so well. His next words were muffled into her curls but Alex heard him. This world is so dangerous. You know that more than anyone Alex. Tristan is losing patience. She knows what she has to do and wishes there were any other way.


Two years later and Alex can stay away from Tristan no longer. She died a little on the day she snuck away. Seeing him, hearing his sultry voice on the stage, makes her wonder how she ever found the strength to leave. Finally Alex turned to face him. He flew at her bird-like and she hit the ground silently.

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Falling over her, Tristan clamped a hand over her mouth. There was something crumpled about it, more human and paradoxically more sinister. He looked eerie now with his eyes just as wide and frightened as her own. Slowly he removed his hand and sat back, allowing her to rise up to meet him at eye level.

Both had ceased to listen to the clamour of the excited audience. Alex nodded, afraid now of this new Tristan. He was quieter than normal. The man she had fallen in love with had been impossible to shut up. What is it about him that changed? Maturity, it came to her. The child-like gleam in his eyes had gone. He closed his eyes at the touch, lost for a second in anguish at long passed memories.

Tristan may have changed, gained some maturity, but when it comes to his music and the band, he is still childishly stubborn. The head of the vampire council forbids Tristan and the band from performing anymore. The risk of exposure is too dangerous. He and his boys continue to perform, thumbing their noses at the council. This will have consequences.