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The author here has done a nice job despite that. This book helped me fill in some of those gaps by helping me apply what I learned or thought I learned from reading the official documentation i. Yocto and BitBake user manuals.

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Don't just treat it like a "quick reference". Although it does have several great reference-worthy qualities such as a great index , it is worth your time to read through.

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No matter what, you'll end up having to dig through Yocto's internals to figure out what's going on or how to do something. But I think this book has better prepared me to do that, and it's certainly gotten me over several hurdles already. Would and have definitely recommend ed it. By Jeremiah Foster on Jun 15, Clearly written and comprehensive. The author obviously has deep knowledge of the subject matter.

By Bavery on Jul 29, Add a Book Review. Author: Rudolf J.

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Publish Date: May 12, Weight: 2. Product Description. Customer Book Reviews Excellent.

Highly recommended. Five Stars. Excellent resource for building Linux for embedded systems. Sreekrishnan Venkateswaran focuses on the essentials, bringing together all the concepts and techniques you need, while avoiding topics that only matter in highly specialized situations. Venkateswaran begins by reviewing the Linux 2. For each, Venkateswaran explains the technology, inspects relevant kernel source files, and walks through developing a complete example. The State of Open Source 3D.

Download the sample. Download the errata. Get unlimited day access to over 30, books about UX design, leadership, project management, teams, agile development, analytics, core programming, and so much more. Linux Kernel Development,, 3rd Edition. Custom software refers to large software systems that perform business functions such as database management, human resource management, and cost accounting.

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Finally, own-account software refers to software systems built for a unique purpose, generally a large project such as an airlines reservations system or a credit card billing system. Beginning with total receipts, the BEA adds imports and subtracts exports, which leaves the total available domestic supply.

From that figure, the BEA subtracts household and government purchases to come up with an estimate for aggregate business investment in software. The line between prepackaged and custom software is not always distinct.

Dagitty r example

National accountants have to determine, for example, whether Oracle 10i, which is sold in a product-like fashion with a license, is to be categorized as custom or prepackaged software. The BEA compares demand-based estimates for software available from the U. The Census Bureau is working to expand its survey to include own-account software and other information not previously captured, according to David Wasshausen. See remarks by Dr.

Wasshausen in the Proceedings section of this volume. The BEA is also striving to improve the quality of its estimates, noted Dr. While the BEA currently bases its estimates for prepackaged and custom software on trended earnings data from corporate reports to the SEC, Dr. Wasshausen hoped that the BEA would soon benefit from Census Bureau data that capture receipts from both prepackaged and custom software companies through quarterly surveys. Among recent BEA improvements, Dr. Wasshausen cited an expansion of the definitions of prepackaged and custom software imports and exports, and better estimates of how much of the total prepackaged and custom software purchased in the United States was for intermediate consumption.

One problem contributing to the variation in measures of software investment is that the computer services industry represents a heterogeneous range of activities, including not only software production, but also such things as consulting services. National accountants have had differing methodological approaches for example, on criteria determining what should be capitalized leading to differences between survey data on software investment and official measures of software investments as they show up in national accounts.

Attempting to mend this disarray, Dr. Pilat noted that the OECD Eurostat Task Force has published its recommendations on the use of the commodity flow model and on how to treat own-account software in different countries.

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  7. Despite the comprehensive improvements in the measurement of software undertaken since , Dr. Wasshausen noted that accurate software measurement continued to pose severe challenges for national accountants simply because software is such a rapidly changing field. He noted in this regard, the rise of demand computing, open-source code development, and overseas outsourcing,.

    Most economic models miscast software as a machine, with this perception dating to the period 40 years ago when software was a minor portion of the total cost of a computer system. Raduchel, is that software is not a factor of production like capital and labor, but actually embodies the production function, for which no good measurement system exists.

    Another challenge in the economics of software is tracking price changes. Incorporating computer science and computer engineering into the economics of software, Alan White and Ernst Berndt presented their work on estimating price changes for prepackaged software, based on their assessment of Microsoft Corporation data. White noted several important challenges facing those seeking to construct measures of price and price change.

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    One challenge lies in ascertaining which price to measure, since software products may be sold as full. For example, how is a distinction to be made between service provisioning sending data to a service outsource and the creation and use of a local organizational asset sending data to a service application internally developed or acquired? The user experience may be identical e. In other words, the technology and user experience both look almost the same, but the contractual terms of provisioning are very different.

    Jaison R. Abel, Ernst R.

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    Berndt, Alan G. The research was originally sponsored by Microsoft Corporation, though the authors are responsible for its analysis. Berndt, Cory W. Monroe, and Alan G. An investigator has also to determine what the unit of output is, how many licenses there are, and when price is actually being measured. Another key issue concerns how the quality of software has changed over time and how that should be incorporated into price measures.

    Surveying the types of quality changes that might come into consideration, Dr. In their study, Drs. White and Berndt compared the average price level computing the price per operating system as a simple average with quality-adjusted price levels using hedonic and matched-model econometric techniques. They found that while the average price, which does not correct for quality changes, showed a growth rate of about 1 percent a year, the matched model showed a price decline of around 6 percent a year and the hedonic calculation showed a much larger price decline of around 16 percent. These quality-adjusted price declines for software operating systems, shown in Figure 5 , support the general thesis that improved and cheaper information technologies contributed to greater information technology adoption leading to productivity improvements characteristic of the New Economy.