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Single parents have to work, not a choice really. It is unsettling that the calculation you used is the reality for single-parent households. They lack the resources of free childcare extended family as part of a divorce. But some of tips offered on this site can be used still, such as shopping at garage sales, driving a used car although the cost to maintain a used car with no husband is another issue.

One could rely on public transportation if they live in an urban area, but that would mean making special arrangements to have bus stop at the childcare, then stopping to drop you off at work…not easily done is most areas. The easiest way to be frugal…get married, stay married. My mom raised 3 kids as a single mom and did great. We always had food and clothes, we lived in a small house and played outside. Jan, while I agree some single parent families do fine, the vast majority of families living in poverty are headed by single parents.

One of the best ways to ensure economic stability if for the parents to be married and remain together. This remains true regardless if only one or both parents are in the workforce. With a dead beat dad who paid no child support and little help from her family, we would be in poverty living off welfare. I agree with mom and dad being together makes it easier to have better finances unless there is a partner with an expensive addiction or reckless spending habits. I also agree that a couple should NOT stay together for finances if the relationship is unhealthy.

Every word you say is so true. Two cribs wall-to-wall. Bunkbeds in the living room. Saved our money and built a house ourselves on that 20 acres. Sold that and moved to the farm of our dreams. So our legacy of frugality lives on. I ask them if they felt cheated as kds and they laugh and say how could they…they had horses,tree forts in the woods, acres and acres to roam.

I worked night shifts so could homeschool during the day while DH worked. No babysitters for us…. Even here people think we are rich because we have all this land, a beautiful remodeled old farm house,etc. We got here pinching pennies and not buying into the rampant consumerism of most Americans. Buy what you need. Want what you have…. Sally really needs to listen to Dave Ramsey and read his book.

He is a millonaire many times over and still drives used cars.

That is how he and his wife live and they have the frugal mindset. My wife and I were the opposite end of the spectrum and are now digging out of our messed up finances — thanks in large part to Tawra and Dave Ramsey! We will be debt free by December. Thanks for the inspiration. I thought the same thing… LOL. I guess it depends on where you are willing to live….. I loved what you said about the poor mindset, and I agree with your wisdom on money.

Keep it coming! Love this post. It is obvious that Sally has some jealousy issues. It reminds me of the person who blasted Jill a couple of years back for having 50 Christmas gifts to wrap. I often feel this hostility from my daughter, my mother and my sister. My daughter refuses to use cloth diapers, and at this point to even begin potty training her two year old daughter.

She does not hang out laundry and she does not cook. They eat a steady diet of take out pizza. She just bought a new car, has had car payments since she was 17, our fault as parents I admit. My mother is retirement age but refuses to retire saying that she would not be able to find anything to do with her time. But really I believe that it is because she would not be able to spend money as freely as she does now.

She is a border line hoarder, and you can see things sitting all over her house still in the bags from the store,still with the price tag, some of it to never even be worn or used. My sister has a disabled child and is a very high wage earner, a professional. She had to have a high standard of living for them.

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They have a three bedroom, two bath home with a pool. She uses her car in her job, so I know she needs a reliable one, but she has been making continuous car payments for years, because she trades in every couple of years. They will actually gang up on me and make snide remarks. It used to hurt, but I think it is jealousy. My car is a and we could well afford to go out and buy a new one, but we choose not to. This one meets our needs and will give us more years of service. My husband is about to buy a used truck with about , miles on it to drive back and forth to work.

Our son will start driving it this summer. We eat out on Friday night, usually with a coupon. Having fibromyalgia and arthritis, I know the pain and exhaustion will set in and it will be more and more take out pizza, eating out, paying more for a gallon of milk just because it is more convenient.

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Sorry this is no long, but I had a lot to say on this subject. I really appreciate that you both are willing to tell your story and willing to deal with the criticism because of it. First of all, your home is in no way lavish or extravagant. And then you gave us hundreds if not thousands of ideas to do just that.

What would you do with a free $1,000?

Your hard work has paid off! You are now able to as Dave Ramsey says live like no one else, because you have lived like no one else.

What an incredible response. There is a scripture…Man looks on the outward apperance but God looks at the heart. Thank you for exposing the mindset of poverty vs.

I worked in a bank and most all my wealthy customers hardly ever had new cars or ultra fancy clothes. Most people who purchase things they cannot afford is actually feeding some pain deep inside themselves. I totally agree. Sally, our culture makes us look at a very different picture than what our Bible does. Most of the people that I know here in Chicago are very wealthy but very frugal.

Frugal Living Doesn’t Mean Choosing Poverty

You would never know the wealth that they have when you would meet them in the grocery store or driving down the street. The definition of fugal is not spending all your earned income on things. Typically, now that I am unforunately not employed self or for someone , I need to depend on God totally. HE has supplied all of our needs even housing.

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Yes, God is total amazing. I am not living in a dump either, a really nice neighborhood and great schools we had a choice an academy or regular public. If the item is worn out, its tossed. I totally agree with you ladies.