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Until Sheila hacks up a mysterious orb and starts hungering for human flesh, that is. Freckly neighbor kid Eric Skyler Gisondo has been roped into the scheme, too. Consider as well that none of them stuck around for very long or made much of an impression. But Supernatural? Supernatural endured.

The magic cure!

Bates Motel. When telling the origins of a horror icon, a fine line must be walked. For one, you run the risk of losing the mystery that made the original characters so terrifying to begin with. Bates Motel , however, has created a backstory for Norman Bates Freddie Highmore that makes the psycho of Psycho sympathetic.

By expanding on the Norman Bates story, Bates Motel has taken an iconic character and enriched him with a haunted history that makes him even more fascinating as we watch his descent into madness. Penny Dreadful. Well, challenge accepted and conquered.

Guide For Tomorrow We Diet (a humor / horror short-short)

Conceived by John Logan the award-winning screenwriter behind Gladiator , Hugo , Skyfall and Rango and executed with great finesse by pilot director J. Bayona the filmmaker behind the extraordinary horror-drama The Orphanage , the series is set in Victorian London and centers on a trio an explorer, a clairvoyant and a gunslinger who band together to slay monsters who are threatening their world.

Boasting notable performances from the likes of Timothy Dalton, Josh Harnett and Rory Kinnear, the series managed to ground its outlandish premise in an emotional reality.

The true masterstroke, however, is unquestionably Eva Green as the clairvoyant Vanessa Ives. One of the most brilliant and gonzo actresses currently working today, Green attacks her first major TV role with great relish, and Logan and company certainly rise to the occasion in writing great material for her. Alternating between victim and victimizer, Vanessa firmly deserves to be spoken in the same breath as the likes of Walter White, Tony Soprano or Don Draper.

The Returned Les Revenants.

Sleep well.

Based on a sublimely creepy film of the same name, Les Revenants hones its focus on one small town in France where a gaggle of formerly dead people return, alive and… mostly well. Creator Fabrice Gobert does the right thing with this adaptation by simultaneously narrowing its focus and expanding the ideas behind the story over the course of its two seasons. The Walking Dead. An hour-long zombie drama?

Yesterday Is Tomorrow - Award Winning Short Horror Film

Stop for a moment and consider the implications: We live in a country that has become so geeky, on average, that an hour-long zombie drama is capable of getting more viewership than Sunday Night Football. In terms of quality, the quest of the Grimes Gang to survive has been up and down, but the production values have always been impeccable. Black Mirror. There are probably times in most of our lives when we see our technological world as more of a dystopia than a utopia. The way it curbs our freedom, diminishes our privacy, and subjects us to anonymous attacks can feel like an unforgivable violation.

Alias Grace. The name and the description may have you assuming that this is a typical network procedural: FBI agents interview psychopaths in order to catch murderers. Interviewing and cataloguing convicted serial killers a phrase the trio invents leads to them helping on active cases, but it also affects each of their personal lives in different ways. Cameron Britton is particularly unforgettable as notorious murderer and necrophiliac Edmund Kemper. Stranger Things. Stranger Things Season Two is full of the same kinds of joyful moments of television that made its breakout first season so fun.

But if you loved the first season, loved Goonies and E. Angie simpered, Claire grinned, Jane looked down, and Sonya refused to catch his eye. A good haul. Of course, they were oblivious to their collective nature, each thought herself the only recipient of his attentions - these women didn't boast about sex.

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He could never have got away with it if they did. Sometimes, when he looked at women, he saw them composed of food. Claire, the fast food queen, with vanilla milkshake flesh-tones, and hair the stringy, bleached texture of reconstituted French fries. Jane: cocoa-colored skin and candy pink lips. Sonya - a dairy maid with dimpled hands like cheese fingers, and acres of creamy curves. He timed his exit so Sharon was shoulder to shoulder with him. More accurately, her shoulder - mottled but solid, like prime beef sausage - brushed his elbow. She was nearly as wide as she was tall, and her blonde moustache showed how inefficient facial bleach could be.

Matthew wished she waxed. Smooth skin was much easier to transmute in his imagination, especially with his eyes closed. Tonight Sharon would be his J-Lo. He hoped she wasn't a grunter.

Why Edibles Make People Paranoid - The Atlantic

It was hard to imagine Jennifer's sultry tones and lavish love-gifts of Rolex and iMac, if the woman beneath him was honking and squealing. He hoped she wasn't a virgin either. He hated the tedium of it, and deflowering was always followed by much emotional guff. He began to hum under his breath, 'I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, I should be so lucky in love. Five hours later, tired and smelling of the magnolia shampoo that was all he could find in Sharon's bathroom, he escaped. It was easy to get away. You know I'm getting married soon?

It's why I'm at Weight Warriors - to lose weight before the wedding. I just couldn't resist you, but please He sat in the car and dictated a long message to Liz's mailbox. Now it was over to her. Tonight's Fat Fighters was his last meeting in Stroud. He would be home with her in three hours. They'd have two weeks together before it was her turn to come up here. He swung the Volvo around Stroud's rain-slick streets. Overweight women appreciated a big safe car.

The seduction started there, in a seat that didn't cramp them, riding a suspension that didn't groan under their bulk, with space to relax and appreciate how Matthew attended to them. The car was his introduction to their bedrooms - and it worked every time. Lazily he calculated the takings. Twenty women in five weeks.

Monday night: Weight Warriors - six women. Without one, the other cannot exist. Of course he fights evil. I am Dartalian, one of His most Holy and Righteous angels. I roam the Earth, disposing of evil wherever I find it.