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Picture two men jumping off of a storey building, with one man standing on the shoulders of the other. What is the only real difference between the two men? However, there is a much more serious rebuttal to that previous question: currency manipulation. Look again at the chart above and see if that date strikes a familiar chord. Since ; these convicted currency manipulators have primarily manipulated the U. This is the world of fiat currencies, confirmed by 1, years of history, confirmed by an inadvertent admission from no less than the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

It is not only the U. All of these Western fiat currencies are worthless, because they have all been conjured into existence in grossly excessive i.

But if we were to rank all of this worthless paper, the U. It is a mere 46 years since Paul Volcker assassinated the last vestige of our gold standard. Regular readers understand the significance of this as well. In ; the U.

By implication, so were other major currencies, since their value was a direct derivative of the value of the dollar. Forty-six years later; the U.

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Forty-six years later; none of these Western currencies hold any wealth. To where did all that stolen wealth disappear? Into the pockets of the Criminals in control of the U. Theft by money-printing. Regular readers also know the identity of those Criminals. One of these criminals Greenspan warned us what would be done to us if we were ever foolish enough and weak enough to allow our governments and their central bank overlords to rob us of our gold standard.

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Another one of these Criminals Bernanke accidentally told us what was being done to us, shortly before the crime was finally completed. What is the lesson to be learned from these events? It is the same lesson explained to readers in a recent commentary , entitled The Secret of Wealth Preservation. Our currencies are already worthless. Our wealth has already been stolen.

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But like a collection of cheap magicians, these convicted currency manipulators have created the illusion of value in our paper currencies. They have been greatly assisted by the treasonous acts of our own governments. The bankers get away with this lie because of the laughably fraudulent inflation statistics produced by our governments, with the U. Thank the bankers for this.

It is because the bankers continue to maintain the illusion of value in these worthless Western currencies that we still have a last chance to exchange this worthless paper for assets of real value. Which assets? As explained in that recent commentary, gold and silver have a multi-thousand-year track record of perfectly preserving our wealth and they have never plunged to zero value. In contrast, in 46 years the U.

And fiat currencies have a perfect track record over the last one thousand years: they always plunge to zero value.


How desperate have the bankers become as they see their precious fiat currencies entering their final death throes? At the eleventh hour, these Criminals are seeking to engage in a sleazy hand-off: banishing their present collection of worthless, paper currencies, only to be replaced by something that is not even a currency. What makes this so special? It is simply a line of credit. Special Drawing Rights are nothing of the kind. They are not units — of anything — they are simply an amount. Note that this desperate crusade also explains a concurrent obsession of the banking crime syndicate: the War on Cash.

Can you imagine walking around with a pocket full of Special Drawing Rights? Almost certainly not. Who can imagine walking around with a pocket full of credit? Note also how this nearly obliterates the distinction between debt and value. This online calculator allows you to convert text into numbers.


Eg: If you enter 'two thousand and fifty', you wil get the result as ''. See below how to convert fourteen to numbers or how to write fourteen on a check. This converter may be useless, but it is funny :. Please link to this page!

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