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Choose from a list of rejuvenating treatments provided by Elemis, or simply steam the alcohol away in the sauna.

Your Complete Guide to the Science of Hangovers | Science | Smithsonian

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How to Cure a Hangover - Whiskey Guide

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If you can take it before bed and the hangover symptoms start to appear then all the better. As mentioned earlier in this post, the symptoms of hangovers are often due to dehydration which alcohol causes. Something to do with the molecule make up but we will save that for school science lessons.

Therefore it stands to reason that replenishing water will lessen these symptoms. It consists of: Bananas, asparagus, egg and burnt toast with a cup of ginger or green tea.

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Burnt toast: Alcohol plays havoc with your blood sugar levels as your liver is too busy metabolising the booze to maintain adequate blood sugar levels. This can cause a dip in blood sugar which can make you feel sick.

Eating something simple like toast is gentle on your stomach and will bring your blood sugar levels up again reducing feeling of sickness. So a safe home made version is to make sure you burn your toast on purpose as the burning creates carbon. Bananas: One of the richest sources in potassium.

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As mentioned earlier in this post, alcohol molecules greedily attach themselves to water molecules in your body. Potassium are electrolytes which hold onto water.

Meaning with more alcohol consumption you lose more water and potassium. Low levels of potassium are linked to weak, shaky muscles and high blood pressure—all common hangover symptoms. Therefore it stands to reason that replacing the lost potassium quickly through a banana can help ease some of these symptoms. Thus improving hangover symptoms and pressure on your liver cells at same time. Personally I like my eggs boiled to dunk my burnt toast soldiers in but you can cook your eggs any way you like them.

Ginger or green tea: Ginger is known to be gently and calming to your stomach and can help settle the feeling of sickness or stomach aches that comes with a hangover.

How to survive a flight with the hangover from hell

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