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You light a few and fling them across the room. No harm done. You get out of your house safely, and call the fire department. The next morning, you return to your house.

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You walk over and push aside the debris and uncover the staircase. You take a few steps down and realize the basement is fine. Do you then announce to the world that your house is perfectly fine? Do you invite them to stay the night? We want to reiterate to Bake Off fans, that the show they love will remain wholly familiar, and that Channel 4 is a great place to make our show. Bake Off will be produced by the same team, in the same tent, with the same recipe. The same recipe? There of the most critical ingredients are gone forever.

So guys like Beau are learning as they go. Last December, Facebook announced that it would begin buying and producing its own programming. Traditional movie studios and network television also remain, in various states of success and dysfunction. A script, usually.

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A director, almost always. And actors. I wondered what the new Hollywood looked like to those actors—the professionally beautiful people on the front lines. How has it changed? When Beau was starting out, fresh off the ferry from Victoria, British Columbia, he took some of the money he made off a film called The Grudge 3 and bought a beat-up Plymouth Neon. I have a pilot audition tomorrow that I have to put on tape.

I rarely go out for those things. You have these smaller movies, which the non-Brad Pitts of the world get to do. Also, like, Verizon go90 stuff, which is literally on a cell phone.

Less Plymouth Neon, more Audi A3. On a sunny May afternoon in Hollywood, Jake Paul wanders into a restaurant on Franklin Avenue wearing the slouchy, all-black silhouette that is the default uniform here for young men who admire Kanye West. His hair is specifically tousled. From a table in the corner, he orders a kale salad and a glass of water. Two and a half years ago, he moved to Hollywood from Cleveland. So he started taking improv classes. But the X factor now is social media. He attempts an analogy.

His kale salad arrives. He re-arranges some kale leaves on his plate. This past weekend, Jake left Bizaardvark , after finding a new kind of viral fame as the subject of a potential neighborhood class action nuisance lawsuit. Hopefully in the person of Jake Paul himself. A year ago, he says, he auditioned for the new Spider-Man movie. Just the other day he went in for X-Men. I love the Joker. I love Batman. I want to do that. That would be a dream come true. He wonders aloud what the film might be worth.

Keith Powers has been mostly lucky so far. The second movie he ever shot was Straight Outta Compton —he played Dr. But modern-day fandom is weird, he says. Fans talk to him on Twitter and Instagram all day, and mostly what they say is: Work more. People used to live with an album.


Michael Jackson put out Thriller and, what, five years later, he put out Bad? He was a whole different person. Literally, he had a whole different skin color. That kind of scarcity used to be the model—successful actors like Tom Hanks would do one or two films a year, and that was it.

The rarity of it was a kind of power. You have to do it constantly.

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Actors, like everyone else now, have brands to consider and maintain. Broad City, which began on the Internet, gave him an outlet when none of the conventional studios would. Broad City felt like a breakthrough for Arturo when it happened, and it was: After Comedy Central picked up the show, he was suddenly on every basic-cable package in America. Netflix currently spends a preposterous amount of money producing original content, in part because its distribution network is so vast.

The company is in hundreds of countries around the world, which is why actors of all levels gravitate toward its content. Millions of people see it. Just the exposure level is a big difference between cable and a juggernaut like Netflix. Like so many actresses before her, Paris was a model first.

Growing up outside Milwaukee, Paris, who has a round, earnest face, did shoots for Sears and Kmart. Then she got bored and started looking toward Los Angeles.

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Right before she arrived, she got cast on a Disney show, Mighty Med. For instance: social media.

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This is an ambivalent prospect for her, though.