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There are numerous other forms of Devi.

In the Legends

As Uma pronounced OO-ma , she appears as the golden goddess, personifying light and beauty. As Hariti pronounced huh-REE-tee , she is the goddess of childbirth.

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When she takes the role of mother of the world, Devi is known as Jaganmata pronounced jahg-ahn-MAH-tah. It is not uncommon in Hinduism for one god or goddess to have many different forms. In the case of Devi, the one single goddess can serve a great number of functions to those who worship her, depending upon the form of Devi they praise. This makes her one of the most important figures in the Hindu religion.

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Devi and her many forms probably date back to the mother goddess worshipped in India in prehistoric times. Ancient civilizations around the world, including India, worshipped mother goddesses because in human fertility they saw a parallel to the fertility of the earth around them—the growth of plants and abundance of wild and domesticated animals they relied on for survival.

While these mother goddesses eventually became secondary to male gods in much of the world, Devi has retained a place of great stature in India. Because Devi can be found in so many different forms, she may symbolize many different things. For example, Sati and Parvati symbolize love and loyalty.

Durga and Kali both can represent strength and vengeance. In addition, Kali often symbolizes uncontrollable violence and rage. Most often, however, Devi symbolizes motherhood, fertility, and beauty. The image of the goddess as Kali is perhaps the depiction best known to those outside the Hindu culture, and her fierce wild image can be bewildering to Western eyes, to whom she resembles a black, fanged, bloodthirsty beast. But in the Hindu faith, she represents the unformed, terrifying, true chaotic beginning of all things—the origin, the mother, but also death and destruction.

Her blackness symbolizes the void, the beginning of everything, including space and time. Her nakedness represents her freedom from illusions. Her breasts represent her motherhood of all.

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Devi appears throughout ancient Hindu literature in her many forms. Some of these forms were once considered separate goddesses, such as Kali. Each of these different forms is depicted differendy in Hindu art. For example, Kali is often depicted as having four arms, blue skin, and wearing a necklace of human heads. Saraswati is shown with yellow skin and wearing white. Kali is also often pictured standing or trampling on Shiva, her husband, which also presents some confusion.

Scholars debate the symbolic meaning of these images. Is she trampling her own husband because she wants to destroy the world? Is she just asserting her dominance? There is no single, accepted interpretation. In Hindu mythology, the goddess Devi has many different forms, only some of which are mentioned here. Using your library, the Internet , or other resources, find at least two other forms of the goddess Devi that have not already been mentioned.

Write a description of each form, and explain why you think that form is important to Hindu mythology. Devi is the major goddess in the Hindu pantheon. Known both as Devi goddess and Mahadevi great goddess , she takes many different forms and is worshiped both as a kind goddess and as a fierce one. In all of her forms, she is the wife of the Shiva , the god of destruction. The gods used their combined strength to create Durga when they were unable to overpower a terrible buffalo demon named Mahisha. They gave Durga ten arms — so she could hold many weapons — and a tiger to carry her into battle.

Durga finally managed to kill the demon by piercing his heart with her trident and cutting off his head. Devi also takes gentler forms. As Sati, a loyal wife to Shiva, she burned herself alive to defend his honor and prove her love. Her remains were then cut into 50 pieces and scattered to different places that became shrines.

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As Parvati, Devi is a gentle and loving wife who went through great sacrifice to win Shiva's love. Another, and quite different, form of Devi is the fierce Kali. She is usually portrayed with her tongue hanging out in recognition of her victory over the demon Raktavira. As Urna, she appears as the golden goddess, personifying light and beauty.

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As Hariti, she is the goddess of childbirth. As Gauri, she represents the harvest or fertility, and as Manasa, she is the goddess of snakes. When she takes the role of mother of the world, Devi is known as Jaganmata. Hindu Goddess. The term can be applied to any of the many forms of the Goddess. Initially, they may simply have been the feminine counterpart of the devas , but already by the Vedic period they appear as manifestations of the power inherent in natural phenomena, as e.

A minor film in the Ray canon, it is, nonetheless, a strange and compelling tale of religious superstition. An Indian farmer becomes convinced that his beautiful daughter-in-law is the reincarnation of the goddess Kali. The girl is then pressured into accepting a worship that eventually drives her mad. Lord Siva managed to get all of these. The preparations for the marriage were afoot. The time of midnight was fixed as auspicious time for the marriage. Lord Siva started from Suchindram with all pomp and splendor.

When Lord Shiva was on his way to Kanyakumari from Suchindram, at Valukkamparai 5 kms south of Suchindram , sage Narada playing a trick assumed the form of a cock and cocked falsely, heralding the break of dawn. Thinking that the auspicious time for the marriage was past, Lord Shiva returned disappointed. Meanwhile, goddess Kanyakumari, dressed for the occasion in all her bridal glory, was awaiting the arrival of Lord Siva from Suchindram.

The approach of the auspicious hour kept her in great eagerness.

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  5. The hour fixed for the wedding was nearing its end and yet Her Lord did not arrive. When it was dawn, she gave up hope. In a rage, she cursed the food articles brought for the meals during marriage to be turned into sea-shells and sand. Even today the sea beach at Kanyakumari is filled with shells and sand particle of varied colours. Asuras are known for their becoming captivated by beauty.

    Dancing Bhadrakali Adored by the Gods. Lent by a private collection on loan to Museum Rietberg, Zurich. Lent by a private collection. Devi is all-important in Hinduism , but there are also forms of female divinity in Buddhism and Jainism. Today millions of Hindu men and women conduct regular pujas to Devi through one of her many manifestations.