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Devil's Gate

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Nick Nwaogu. Wilson Ayinbangya Amooro. Sequel to The Mystical Persian Legacy. Amir Ali Siassi. Kurt's past returns to haunt him. The lovely Russian scientist who stands in as the heroine, may need a rescue but can provide just as much assistance to the hero. The NUMA characters are more 3-dimensional since the writers have had more experience writing them. The evil guys are rather uncomplicated and it was a nice change to have Africa supply the main villain.

It all started for Kurt Austin and his crew with their latest assignment to salvage a sunken ship at the bottom of the ocean.

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That's when the Russians sent Katarina, a fellow scientist to be a spy on the same ship. But low and be hold, that's when they team up and join forces to eliminate another threat. Someone had gotten hold of a secret weapon that's so powerful with superconductive energy to wipe out the people at the end of the earth. They call it Devil's Gate, which is much stronger than the legendary Bermuda Triangle. Before they could deal with that, during the same mission, it had knocked out Paul Trout and put him into a coma, when he and Gamay had worked to salvage the ship from a submersible.

After Paul recovers, Kurt learns how Andras had kidnapped several people including Katerina, when he had been taken hostage with Joe. For them, it's a race to escape and to save the USA from massive destruction in a grueling life-and-death battle. Another thrill a minute story. Once again, set on the high seas, it starts with an aeroplane crashing while trying to smuggle a Russian defector to the USA. Jump forward a few years and a ship is destroyed by some mystery weapon, the surviving crew shot and the wreck sent to the bottom of the ocean. NUMA are nearby and rescue the Captain's wife, but are then drawn into the mystery surrounding the episode.

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Enter a megalomaniac African dictator, a ship's graveyard next to a magnetic anomaly, missi Another thrill a minute story. Enter a megalomaniac African dictator, a ship's graveyard next to a magnetic anomaly, missing cargo and kidnapped scientists. Djemma, the baddy of the piece, was a total Bond villain! Completely nuts and determined to destroy parts of America just to prove he is part of the world stage - a chilling thought!

The weapon he designs is very scary - and as usual, Cussler's science is completely believable. There's lots of action and the short chapters help add to the tension as things speed along to the conclusion. A great read, nice and easy, while making your heart thump that little bit harder!

1988 Dirk Pitt Treasure by Clive Cussler Book 9 Part 1

Dec 17, Don DeBon rated it really liked it. A ship sinks due to pirates and Kurt interviews. But this was no ordinary pirates since they sink the whole ship in such a short period.

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Normally they take the goods and run, but instead these methodically sink the ship as fast a possible. Then Kurt and Joe are in the middle of a underwater race when some sort of disturbance threatens to crash them into a large tower of rock, making a new discovery in the process. Yet, someone is watching Kurt's every move waiting for the right moment to strike.

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Someone Kurt has had previous dealings with long ago. As usual the humor between Joe and Kurt is wonderful as is the other character interactions. The ending felt too short. I can't put my finger on it, but it felt like something was missing. Feb 11, Pam Venne rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction. Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala rise to their zenith when a weapon of almost mythical power is about to be unleashed upon the United States and other major nations.

Oh, they don't do it alone, it takes a team of unlikely and sometimes unwilling suspects to undo the audacious plan plotted and executed by pure evil. Cussler again writes a page-turner at every depth, and each chapter is better than the last. His characters are real and evoke your emotions as you read of their struggles to achieve their Kurt Austin and Joe Zavala rise to their zenith when a weapon of almost mythical power is about to be unleashed upon the United States and other major nations.

His characters are real and evoke your emotions as you read of their struggles to achieve their missions. Another one of Cussler's books that grabbed my attention from the get-go and held it to the last. Jun 25, Kathy Davie rated it liked it Shelves: action , suspense. Be sure to read the Prologue. My Take Okay, this was not one of my favorites. Normally, I can't read fast enough. This one I actually put down every once in awhile as my mind wandered. There's action in here, but it's a bit toned down, not like the usual. Still, there's plenty of fun gadgets, great escapes, and the usual romance spiced with danger.

Too funny, even Captain Haynes has his own laugh at Joe and Kurt, pointing out that their having to perform the task of disciplinarians is a fair turnabout for all the years they've been naughty. It was kind of weird reading about the war in Sierra Leone. It's about the time I was there and we were expected to keep a getaway bag packed at all times.

The security company involved did not have a good rep amongst the ex-pats there and the Liberian rebels were oh-so-much worse. I can see both sides. Corporations aren't in business to be charitable, although there is much to be said for being decent and giving back to a community. There's also the Ugly American syndrome which is rife amongst corporations and diplomats. Then there's the corruption that's almost more a part of life than life itself in third world countries.