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You can change the paper size of your print and still keep the number of rows and columns you have selected. If you choose more images than the template can accommodate, then the images will roll over onto another page. Click on the Page Setup button at the bottom of the template panel. Select the paper size you would like to print your Lightroom contact sheet on. I usually choose Letter Size. On the right panel of the Lightroom workspace, you have tools to adjust the settings for your contact sheet. This includes layout and page styles. This can end up cropping your images into a square and cut off a part of the image.

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Because my images were in portrait orientation, I left this unchecked. Rotate to Fit will rotate images shot in portrait orientation into landscape orientation.

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This is if you are using one of the landscape orientation templates. Stroke Border adds a line around each thumbnail.

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Notice that is is added to the edges of the images and not around the image itself. Notice that you can control the width of the photo borders as well. Margins refers to the margin around the page, not the margin around each thumbnail.

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Page Grid is where you can change the number of columns and rows that you would like to appear on your contact sheet. Cell Spacing controls the spaces between each thumbnail. Lightroom gives you a lot of options to customize your contact sheet. The Guides panel contains rulers and grid guides to further help you with your layout. You can add a bleed to the page or add margins and gutters.

These will only appear in Lightroom, not on the final contact sheet itself. They are only meant to serve as a guide. In the Page panel, you can select the colour of the background of the contact sheet. It is set to white as default, but you can choose black or another colour.

If you have text under the thumbnails, for example the image number, Lightroom will adjust it to be legible. Some text and background colour combinations can be hard to read.

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Another cool feature in this panel is the Identity Plate. This is where you can upload your logo to personalize your contact sheet. This is a great feature to use when you are creating marketing material. It also adds a professional touch to any images that you are sending to clients.

Lightroom also has this feature in the dropdown under Lightroom at the top left of your screen. Go up to Lightroom and choose Identity Plate Setup to upload your logo file. To use this feature in the Print module, click on Identity Plate in the Page panel. To upload your own logo, click on the identity plate and click on Edit from the dropdown menu. Locate the file on your computer and upload it to Lightroom. You can drag it around your canvas to place it wherever you like.

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How to quickly design popular printing layouts such as portrait packages, contact sheets, model composites, and more.

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How to print perfect photos on your home printer, or save them with the correct settings for a commercial print lab. One of the most confusing and intimidating tasks for Lightroom beginners is how to get your years of past photos into the Lightroom catalog. This bonus video makes it perfectly clear, so you can gain access to all your photos in Lightroom easily and without worry. It's a nightmare we all face as photographers. You use multiple cameras or cards to photograph a wedding, a trip, or an event—and the photos come out scrambled by non-sequential file names.

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