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I live for it. Glutamates are nothing to be scared of. Hahaha, I'm eating cup noodles now while reading your post.

Instant ramen and cup noodles are very, very bad for you

Just 'Bing-ed' cup noodles to confirm if the Japanese invented this. I knew from young that they are bad for you, we were told that the MSG will make your hair fall out! But it's a fun treat once in a while and extremely convenient when you're hungry at 11pm. I use to eat 5 packs a day and 2 cup noodles a day. When you're poor what else can you do? I rather be alive living off of junk food rather than starving to death. Then when the budget wasn't so tight I started buying Hungryman TV dinners. They average from calories to over 1, Usually with 50g of fat or more.

I ate 3 a day for 4 months and gained 30 pounds. Where as I didn't gain any weight eating noodles. I started working out and after 3 more months I am back at my average weight. By the way, one of my Thai friends put shredded cheese on top of her instant noodles right after cooking, so that the cheese melts on top. I thought that sounds disgusting but she asserts that it is very good :-S. Yes, packet noodles on their own, as cooked by the instructions on the packet is bad for you.

It's a fast food so we don't least I don't expect it to be a healthy food. Especially when the soup base mentions MSG amongst other things I have never heard of. Ramen is better than eating other fast foods such as a super sized burger or deep fried meats or lots of ice cream. At least with Ramen noodles, you can add or takeaway some of the ingredients to make it less bad.

My oriental family have been eating Ramen noodles for years but we change the way we cook it. You could buy a box of 30 for the same price as 10 carrots or 6 Daikon Radishes over here.

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Enough noodles to last you over a month! Instead of using all of the soup base, we only use half and substitute the rest with soya sauce or stock of our own - sometimes we completely leave the soup base out and put in fresh miso paste. The noodles are so cheap, we sometimes find it cheaper as a young family to buy them just for the quick cooking noodles. We often put pak choi, eggs, spring onions and other vegetables with the noodles.

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So eating noodles this way isn't as bad. In fact, you go to any restaurant selling noodles, they would use some sort of soup base of their own This accounts for the cheap kinds of course. So yes, Ramen noodles are not healthy because they are a fast food.

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Therefore, eat moderate amounts like you would eat chocolate, sugar or deep fried Chicken. If you do have them a lot Or no soup at all, just boil and drain, then serve with soya sauce and sesame oil. I use to get headaches after eating Ramen noodles, never sick but always tired afterwards. MSG affects me quite badly so I have learnt over the years to make my own noodles. I buy fresh miso paste from the store to use as soup base.

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I do buy Kelp cut into strips to look like noodles too - this is a healthy alternative! Add some long thin strips of carrot and cabbage - makes a delicious crunchy noodle soup. I used to buy Westbrae brand ramen and it was quite a bit healthier than what is available now.

I remember brown rice noodles and other whole grain varieties that were also vegetarian. What happened with this company? Apparently they're no longer making the ramen. I consider that a major loss! I found an instane korean soba noodle wich are so good and it's less cringe worthy then the normal kind I hope. I buy some air dried noodles here that come in packages of 4 in 1.

They cost 5 dkk, or rougly 0,9 dollars.

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The content of sodium and salt NaCL is of rougly 1g per hundred. I don't each chips or stuff like that. The fat content in my packages is 0,9 per hundred. Sure, it's high on carbohydrates 70gr and protein 16 gram. I almost always add 1 large spoon of chickpeas, 1 of corn, 1 egg and 2 small slice of boiled hellefisk. It tastes really good. I have this once a day.

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And for lunch normally black bread with turkey or chickenloafs and cucumber. My daughter loves the stuff, but I only let her eat it maybe 3 time a year She really likes the taste of it. Does anyone have a recipe I can make that tastes similar? Doesn't have to be "instant" or anything. I can whip it up and take can take it to school in a thermos for lunch. Thank u! Excellent Research! And very very great points. No more Ramen for me, not worth all the chips, doritos and twinkies sick feeling. Ahahahaha, I can't believe people actually thought it was good for you because it was Japanese, what kind of logic is that?

I'm a uni student and I generally stick to rice, miso soup, tinned fish and pasta. I'm lazy and cooking for myself is boring. If you cook something like curry, pasta sauce, etc With instant ramen, I generally put ham, beansprouts fried in sesame oil with a pinch of salt and an egg in to give it some nutrition and avoid drinking the soup. Excellent article!!! Thanks for posting it. Don't worry about the people who complain - they're in denial.

I still love instant Ramen but had NO idea why it was so unhealthy - your explanation makes sense.

To make maters worse I got so addicted to my special way of eating it I would use two, yes TWO bricks of Ramen, and it it just about everyday. I love peanut sauce and didn't have any so I experimented with chunky peanut butter, shoyu, mirin and Huy Fong, Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce. I had to give it up, except for about once every 4 months, because I was packing on the weight even more.

Now I have a 12 pack of Ramen, and the other ingredients, in the pantry that keep calling my name. I'm getting ready to make a pilgrimage to the areas largest Asian food store it's time to replenish the pantry and would like to find some.