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The destruction and eradication of this System is adequately addressed in the latter chapters of the Apocalypse. The third group, The Muslims, are a purely pagan, godless people who have never been privy to the truth of God. These three populations are all destined either to be converted or removed from Jerusalem and Israel in the coming Age. But they shall ALL as presently constituted be destroyed in three different modes. The Jews of Israel are set to recognize and befriend Him, and thus be converted.

This conversion changes their belief system to that of their Father, and brings their subjection to Him with gratitude and humility. The Christians will resist Him to the end, believing Him to be anti-Christ and many shall be destroyed, although a few, or even many, may convert to His way and be saved.

Those Jews who then remain in Israel shall have been delivered from the vile threats of the nations round about, which they have endured for 68 years since The deadly Islamic sword which has overshadowed them shall have been removed permanently , and their peace and safety assured by the LORD Who shall have appeared to them in the last of these end times.

We submit that the term refers to a much longer period of time which shall lead up to and include the events of His second coming. Here the "time of the end" is cited as being when this action occurred.

Columbus and the Hand of God

Our studied conviction is that the date of this event is AD, when the Ottomans overran the land of Palestine while chasing the Egyptian forces southward after they "pushed at" the Ottomans in the region of Damascus. This date is described as "the time of the end," and evidently refers to the latter half of the Times of the Gentiles - a period which terminated in , when Britain drove the Ottomans out of Palestine under the authority of the Balfour declaration.

At this point in time, enough of the end time events have occurred that students are able to make comparisons of history with prophecy and determine much of it having been fulfilled to the current date. These specific actions were fulfilled during the War of Independence. They must not be expected to occur again because of such passages as Amos 9 , as cited above. Any future physical assault upon Jerusalem shall fail. Israeli forces, near the end of the time leading up to the truce in August, , were unable to hold the Old City of Jerusalem.

In an unprecedented defeat, Haganah troops were forced to evacuate it and leave it to the Arab League of Jordan to occupy. It was the first and only time in history that half of the city was conquered, but the other half was left in the hands of the Jews. As the next verses foretell, the conflict is not yet finished. Its end shall come with a remarkable and drastic change in the geopolitical matrix of the entire Middle East.

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We question sincerely, should this great shaking not cause the demise of many Israelis and other citizens? The answer is found in the text.

Prophecies of the Golden Age: Nam Sa - Go's Prophecy on the King of Heaven P54

In this manner, the populace is saved from great damage by the great shaking of the Land. The very intense nature of this earthquake signals to Israel and to all the world, that a great change has come with the advent of Jesus Christ, although indications are that the peoples of the nations shall not recognize Him for Who He really is, and that the world of Christendom will sincerely mistake Him as being their prophesied Antichrist of the end time.

This straightforward account in plain Greek tells the essential details of the Second Advent. It attests plainly that the Master returns at that time, and that when He does, He shall bring with Him all the Redeemed Saints Hebrew, qadosh , which may indicate an angel or a Saint; we prefer the latter meaning here.

Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings

At that point, the Jewish people may have yet another moment of doubt such as that expressed by Moshe Dayan during the initial days of the Yom Kippur War. In the first few days, the battle did not go well for Israel. Its forces were largely on leave from duty and its troops were at their homes to celebrate Yom Kippur. During the next few days they made excellent progress into the Israeli lines in the Sinai. They were immediately joined by forces from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, approaching the country of Israel from the east and north. Golda Meir personally.

That ominous report brought a decision by Mrs. But immediately a curious, unexpected change in the battle came; Israel began to make clear and obvious advances against their enemies, beginning decisively to repel them on every front.

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It may again reach this depth of doubt and uncertainty for Israel in the coming hot conflict which will ensue between itself and its Proximal Islamic enemies. We cannot know for sure, but this is possibly the potential meaning of these next words …. The day may look extremely dark for Israel at this time.

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However, a new factor enters the picture. The result was that, well before the king and his small army could even reach the field of battle, Edom has been destroyed by Moab and Ammon; and after that, the Spirit informs that Moab and Ammon then slaughtered each other! It happened in Operation Desert Storm. Advancing Arabic forces met fierce opposition from Israeli troops [or American troops in Desert Storm ], and thus were compelled to retreat, but could not do so because of all the troops and armament behind them , so they literally fired upon their own tanks and men who were now in their exit pathway, killing multiple thousands of them completely apart from any involvement of Israeli or American armies!

It shall be one of the main features of the coming war of Israel with the Proximal Islamic states Haggai , q. The scene is that of the peaceable Kingdom of Christ in its nascent years, when He has pacified the entire Land, and brought the Islamic enemies of His people to their knees in battle. The Kingdom age is depicted in its early years in this poetic description of the Land in that day.

The King is on His throne, and all is finally right with the world! The safe and peaceable habitation of the Land is then addressed. Its topography shall have been changed drastically by the Olivet earthquake, preparing the great platform as the site of the Millennial Temple which shall soon be constructed in Jerusalem.

In addition, we are convicted that the general physical disruption, the geologic upheaval in the Land prepares the cantons, or provinces, of the Twelve Tribes now as clearly visible to Him, and ready to have their respective citizens brought home to Israel from the four winds, and settled there for the kingdom age that has begun. It has been inhabited officially for In that day, a failure to comply with the demands of the New Ruler will have direct and clear consequences.

His reply to disobedience shall be positive and effective, for it leverages the very existence of His subjects as to their compliance with His will and law. The results — the plague over which He has complete control — clearly resemble nuclear warfare, but in the circumstances described, can hardly be that. We believe the connotation of these drastic words is that the punishment for disobedience shall be immediate and clearly visible to its victims and any outside observers.

The effect of this plague is human dissolution.

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It is the identical, terminal result seen in leprosy — the rotting flesh, causing portions of bodies to drop away. Note that this activity is pervasive in ALL the land by our estimation — it occurs in every venue between the Nile and the Euphrates, and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf.

The Land is aflame with conflict in a rapid-paced melee of destruction of Islam and its followers! In this manner shall the Christ and His People spoil the Gentiles round about, fulfilling the specific wordage of the next verse, which describes those conditions with unmistakable certainty!

The scene is one of utter peace and tranquility, as the subdued nations come forcibly under the scepter of the newly arrived Shiloh of Genesis — that blessed and to the sons of Jacob mysterious descendant which should depart from be born of Judah, otherwise known as my Servant David , in Ezekiel 24 , meaning Jesus, the Son of God.

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It shall be a bitter pill to swallow for the non-compliant ones of those nations; but of such there shall be NONE remaining. For non-compliance there are severe penalties …. These horrible consequence has been described in verse 12, above. Henceforth there shall be no undercurrent of unrest in the Land — and no overt noise of rebellion among its peoples. This extremely telling, final sentence of the prophecy of Zechariah summarizes the entire message of his entire book — the conquest of the LORD over the nations round about Jerusalem.

This personal review of the writings of Zechariah, son of Berechiah, son of Iddo the prophet of Israel, has been thoroughly profitable to pursue as concentrated research into one of the great prophets of Israel. It is not meant to be an exhaustive study as such, but to be a workable, brief resume of our personal understanding of the overall general and specific meaning of the prophecies as stated.

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Other students of prophecy have written in greater depth, bringing in wider considerations than these. Harold Edward Lafferty. More than fifteen times in the N. David was of the Tribe of Judah. But does this mean that Mary is also descended from Levi? Do cousins necessarily share Tribal inheritance? Jesus posed nearly this precise question to the Pharisees and scribes in the temple, yet in a different context ….

And the common people heard him gladly. Sons are never considered lords of their fathers in any commonly accepted sense. We propose that the answer lies ultimately in the realization that Jesus Christ was Messiah, that He was descended directly from David, and that He was the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Seed of David given in 2Samuel 7: , q.

This statement of course does not contend that Jesus was the literal son of David the King — but means that he was a direct descendant of David according to this prophecy. Now … as the promised Messiah, Jesus had to be of the lineage of David as deduced from this same prophecy as well as others. The answer lies partially, we contend, in the legality of His being the son of Joseph by adoption , as the matrilineal line is never admitted in Hebrew genealogy.

There might seem to be no other workable answer to the dilemma … But is this so? Luke 3 apparently traces the genealogy of Joseph again not Mary, as some have claimed back to Adam! But that appearance is deceptive, as we shall prove. Neither text mentions Mary by name. The verse reads: Luke - And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being as was supposed the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli…. Instead, it was MARY who was the daughter of Heli, a fact which must be deduced from the record of this verse.

It is so stated because of the inadmissibility of women in the Hebrew genealogies.