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Analyze features of the Enlightenment which distinguish the Age of Reason from preceding time periods and which affect neoclassical literature. Characterize the developments of the English language during the 18th century. Recognize key forms of literature produced in the Restoration and 18th century. Great Fire of London by Lieve Pietersz. The Enlightenment The 18th century was the age of the Enlightenment the Age of Reason which emphasized reason, rational thinking, and order or the Age of Reason. Sidebar 5. Figure 5.

Language The Restoration and 18th century was a time of standardization of the English language. Literature Restoration Drama With the Restoration of the monarchy came the restoration of the theater. The Novel The 18th century gave birth to the novel an extended fictional prose narrative , an extended fictional prose narrative, as a form of literature. Diarists Just as many people in the 21st century record the details of their daily lives on Facebook or Twitter, people in the 18th century recorded their lives in diaries, works which now provide information and insight into the events of that time period.

Key Takeaways The Great Fire of London in and another outbreak of the plague affected the literature produced in the Restoration and 18th century.

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Neoclassicism, a facet of the Enlightenment era, produced highly structured, formal literature modeled on classical Greek and Roman literature. During the 18th century, the English language became more standardized and prescriptive. The first English dictionaries, particularly Dr. The Restoration brought about the re-opening of the theatres and the development of new drama, including the comedy of manners. The novel had its origins in the 18th century. Journals and diaries were an important form of literature in the Restoration and 18th century. George Mason University. Vol XV. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Skip Knox.

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    Phil Gyford.

    Project Gutenberg. The Collection of the Lilly Library. Indiana University, Bloomington. California Digital Library. Internet Modern History Sourcebook. University of Portsmouth. University of Pennsylvania Libraries. Biography Jonathan Swift was born in Ireland of an Irish father and an English mother and felt the pull between the two countries all his life. Commemorative plaque to Swift in the cathedral. Bust of Swift in the cathedral. Satire Satire a literary manner, used in any genre, that blends criticism of a person, event, or situation with witty humor for the purpose of improving the object of the satire is a literary manner, used in any genre, that blends criticism of a person, event, or situation with witty humor for the purpose of improving the object of the satire.

    Swift turned to satire after serious proposals failed to effect any changes in the Irish economic situation. What he proposes is simply making this figurative sentence literal. How and why does the projector use emotional appeal in his opening paragraph? In what paragraph does the projector present his thesis?

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    Why does he use a delayed thesis structure rather than giving the thesis in the opening paragraph? What logical appeal does the projector offer to support his thesis? How does he use statistics? Later in the essay, the projector presents a list of logical reasons to convince his audience to accept his proposal.

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    List the reasons. Are they convincing? The projector addresses possible objections—what possible counter-arguments does he anticipate? Hartwick College. University of Oregon. BBC Radio 4.

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    Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Kip Wheeler. Carson-Newman College. The Department of English. University of Victoria. Portrait by Jean-Baptiste van Loo.