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Orochi listened to Komurasaki playing her shimasen before seeing the new geisha O-Robi and telling her to come talk to him. When he overheard his money changer Kyoshiro talking about avenging his comrades , Orochi expressed his agreement and took the opportunity to warn his guests about Toki's prophecy and the impending Kozuki Family rebellion. However, he then heard Komurasaki's kamuro Toko laughing at him and immediately rushed to attack her despite Komurasaki's pleas.

Orochi swung his sword at Toko, but was then slapped by Komurasaki, who refused to apologize. However, the ceiling suddenly fell on his head and dislodged Komurasaki from his mouth, and to Orochi's shock, Kyoshiro struck her down. This made Orochi very angry, and he resumed rampaging after Toko, but was then suddenly struck by a thunderbolt from the intruder Nami. The next day, Orochi discovered that a secret message was being passed around loyalists to the Kozuki Family and ordered the mass arrests of anyone with the crescent moon symbol on their ankle.

Fukurokuju revealed that Ushimitsu Kozo was Shimotsuki Yasuie , and Orochi ordered for his execution to be broadcast, to which Kyoshiro revealed that the equipment was already set up for Komurasaki's funeral. Orochi gleefully planned for both of them to be disposed of together. As Orochi was brought to Yasuie's execution platform in Rasetsu Town, he heard the former daimyo insult him and became enraged.

Orochi and his guards then shot Yasuie and killed him, [59] and as Orochi reached the execution platform, he relished in the false laughing of the crowd mourning Yasuie. Orochi then saw Toko at Yasuie's body and made his way to shoot her, but his shots were blocked by Roronoa Zoro and Sanji.

Orochi was taken back to his castle on Kyoshiro's orders, and he told his subordinates to kill everyone who stood against him.

PDF Samurai Pirates: Revenge of the Rat Bastard

Later, Orochi was furious to hear that the Straw Hats escaped. However, Fukurokuju informed the shogun that the Flower Captial was on lockdown with the Orochi Oniwabanshu and the Mimawarigumi on guard. He reassured that he would not let anything harm Orochi until they captured their enemies.

On the day before the Fire Festival, Orochi received some reports. He learned about the alliance 's plans and that Kozuki Hiyori is still alive and hiding in Ringo. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For the chapter that also includes his title, see Chapter Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Celestial Dragons? You should know we do not fear even that, you are free to gather all of your forces together to invade here but you will never topple my country.

I have Kaido behind my back!! Kill without hesitation!! Every last one of those who dares to defy me, destroy them all without exception.


In twenty years, Our vengeance will be unleashed on a moonlit night. Nine Samurais will come to strike you down and open the borders of the Wano Country. You bastards can never understand my feeling of losing the woman I love most!! Such a beautiful woman can never be found again in this world!! Give me back Komurasaki!! Damn you, how dare you interefere with the execution!! Yasuie's daughter!! That damn brat is a grave sinner!! A befitting end for the likes of you Yasuie!! How dare you remained alive in my Wano Country for all this time, you insolent Hedgehodge, no Sewer Rat!!

Kuri :.

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Ringo :. Beasts Pirates :. Others :. Abilities Devil Fruit Based :. Fighting Style Based :. Weapons :. Support :. Voice of All Things. Groups Kozuki Family :. Atama Thieves. Kurozumi Family :. Other :.