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With mainstream media focusing on Indigenous men as these movements occurred, the film highlights and explores the role of Indigenous women and community. The one hour documentary was directed by two Indigenous women filmmakers, Christina King Seminole and Dr. She was up to it. Then it became an ongoing collaboration. The story really got pulled out when Christina and I connected.

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CK: Beth and I started working together in We went in a direction that let us into the most important part of the movement: that it was a movement of family and community. It was very important to us that this film not be a grandiose portrait about somebody that we put up on a pedestal. We wanted it to be a look at what it really took for a movement of people in those early days of Indigenous self empowerment and we loved the fact that you could access that community story through Madonna Thunder Hawk and Marcy.

To me that rings false because it feels like a white European narrative with brown faces. We really had to undergo a really intense process of decolonizing our filmmaking voice, ourselves.

I think a lot of times, directors like to just make it look easy. I personally always like to hear how its hard, then younger folks know they are not alone when we make these things. We wanted to do a group interview because Madonna Thunder Hawk is Madonna Thunder Hawk because her community decided she was. They decided she was the leader. You pull our Indigenous style out of the space that makes us who we are, then you have to do a lot of weird things to reconstitute a sense of Indigeneity.

EC: I just wanted to add one of the things that was really important and guided us from the beginning is following Indigenous protocols and rules in engaging the most basic aspects of being accountable to Indigenous community. The way in which are actively giving back and asking ourselves: is the collaboration we are making serves the community? These are standard in group conversations, but that is not how things are produced all across the board.

Putting all those things together is pretty revolutionary. Has your understanding on decolonization changed after making the film? What does decolonization mean to you?

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EC: I think one of the most central challenges is just in moving into the conversation of decolonization when we are still struggling to define, understand, give a name and purpose to how colonization affects all of us. It helps you bust through the chains of colonization that are so active in so many Native communities. That is just so important for us to be talking about it and making it a part of the conversation everyday and allowing it to be part of personal and collective community liberation.

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CK: One big breakthrough was that we were decolonizing our storytelling process to the point where we were nailing that feeling of radical self empowerment as best as we could. My thoughts and feelings about decolonization are embracing more positive self talk and not giving face to narratives that were set up to bring you down. That was the feeling of Standing Rock. Flipline Fan Customers Wiki. While rowdy with his friend Greystripe, Fireheart was often thoughtful. She is a pound warrior of FireCLan.

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The store offers various goods, such as experience items, skilling outfits, and rare Treasure Hunter items, which can be bought with the credits. BoJack Horseman Wiki. Taught to and used against Thistleclaw by Silverhawk in the Dark Forest. Personality: Moods change constantly and is unable to describe. Travelling Merchant's Shop is a shop run by the travelling merchant who occasionally visits the Deep Sea Fishing hub as a Distraction and Diversion. They either have to slowly wait for it to appear on the traveling merchant's shop or slowly grind it out with thaler.

It was Silverhawk, Moonflash, and Bluesnow!.

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Silverhawk is training Thistleclaw in Dark Forest. There were three cats there, two warriors and an apprentice.

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