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Buy As Gift. Overview It's fall. Dar and Kerry are traveling - Dar overseas to clinch a deal with their new ship owner partners in England, and Kerry on a reluctant visit home for her high school reunion. In the midst of corporate deals and personal conflict, their world goes unexpectedly out of control when an early morning spurt of unusual alarms turns out to be the beginning of a shocking nightmare neither expected.

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Storm Surge: Part 1

About the Author Melissa Good is a well-known writer of Xena fan fiction. She lives in Southern Florida with her dogs and computers. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

Breaking Jaie. Jaie Baxter, an African-American Ph. D candidate at Philadelphia's Allerton University, is determined to win a D candidate at Philadelphia's Allerton University, is determined to win a prestigious writing grant. In order to win the Adamson Grant, Jaie initially plans to take advantage of one of the competition's judges, Jennifer Renfrew, who View Product.


Colder Than Ice. Allison Shaunessy is a woman on the edge. As an archaeologist with the Flinders Museum As an archaeologist with the Flinders Museum of Australasian Exploration, she and her team are racing against time to secure funding for an unprecedented excavation in Antarctica. Despite her best attempts, she Lindsay, Jo and the Well of Nevermore. Reflections from the Past. Xena and Gabrielle while away the long winter days translating a set of old scrolls that hold a story strangely familiar to them.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5. Darkness Falls. The Rift behind them, Xena andGabrielle start down the long road to reconciliation as they rebuild their lives. Leap of Faith. A delayed trading caravan draws Xena and Gabrielle's attention, with results neither of them expected. Promises Kept. Back on the road again, Xena and Gabrielle find that trouble is not about to leave them alone, as Xena recieves a summons from an old comrade at arms, reminding her of a favor owed.

Xena and Gabrielle head forAmazon Country, to join them for the festival of Dionysus. Circleof Life.

After the bard's close call with Death, Gabrielle and Xena settle down at home in Amphipolis to await the birth of their child. But things never go quite as planned, and when Amazons,forest dwellers, and enemies are involved Dark Comes the Morning. Xena and Gabrielle have settled contentedly in Amphipolis, and are enjoying their new baby daughter, Doriana.

Or are they? Life is, as Gabrielle well knows, a series of trade offs. To achieve one thing, you often have to give up something else. A Matter of Pride. Amphipolis has grown into a bustling trading center, with an increasing population and the troubles that come with success. One thing they don't have to worry about though, is being attacked. Everyone knows the Protector of Amphipolis, and no one wants to mess with her for a minute.

Except her baby daughter, and a certain bard. Xena and Gabrielle decide to take a trip to Athens, to register Amphipolis' concerns and have a little fun watching the pageantry and glamour of the Olympic Games. However, nothing is ever simple when Xena's involved, and soon the real fun begins. On the way home from Athens , Xena , Gabrielle, and their daughter Dori find themselves caught up in the lives of their old friends the forest dwellers. Can she live up to the reputation that title demands?

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One Wild Ride. Xena and Gabrielle are home inAmphipolis at last. Things have changed, and not all for the better, but before they have an opportunity to straighten it all out, the spring thaws threaten the new city they find on their return and Xena and Gabrielle find themselves on a wild ride into danger that promises an even more dangerous way back home. A Queen's Tale. Xena and Gabrielle have eased back into life at home after their last harrowing adventure. Gabrielle has taken over running the Amazons, the Amazons have settled into their new home, and Xena's just chilling out and practicing her swordsmanship as she keeps an eye on little Dori.

But as usual, the Fates are never content to leave them alone and soon enough trouble comes banging on the door and once again they have to decide whether to answer it, or this time, escape out the back window. Body, Heart and Soul. Xena and Gabrielle have gotten used to the changes in their lives after their return from stopping the war between Athens and Sparta. Xena has started to expand her army and look for new allies in Thrace and Gabrielle is busy running her Amazon tribe while Ephiny gestates.

Things are looking up - right? A Change of Seasons. Xena and Gabrielle are enjoying springtime after their long winter and the struggles that surrounded it. Book 6. Terrors of the High Seas by Melissa Good. After the stress of a long Navy project and Kerry… More.

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Shelve Tropical Convergence. Book 8. Stormy Waters by Melissa Good. As Kerry begins work on the cruise ship project,… More. Shelve Stormy Waters.

Series: Dar and Kerry

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