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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #22 - Option 38

Email address. Please enter a valid email address. Walmart Services. In World War II , the primary method of locating mines was by prodding the ground with a pointed stick or bayonet. Modern tools for prodding range from a military prodder to a screwdriver or makeshift object. This method requires the deminer's head and hands to be near the mine.

Rakes may also be used when the terrain is soft e. Although metal detectors have become much lighter, more sensitive and easy to operate than the early models, the basic principle is still electromagnetic induction.

Current through a wire coil produces a time-varying magnetic field that in turn induces currents in conductive objects in the ground. In turn, these currents generate a magnetic field that induces currents in a receiver coil, and the resulting changes in electric potential can be used to detect metal objects. Similar devices are used by hobbyists. Nearly all mines contain enough metal to be detectable. No detector finds all mines, and the performance depends on factors such as the soil, type of mine and depth of burial. An international study in found that the most effective detector found 91 percent of the test mines in clay soil but only 71 percent in iron-rich soil.

The worst detector found only 11 percent even in clay soils. The results can be improved by multiple passes. An even greater problem is the number of false positives.

An Unbelievable Dog Hero

Minefields contain many other fragments of metal, including shrapnel , bullet casings, and metallic minerals. The greater the sensitivity, the more false positives. The Cambodian Mine Action Centre found that, over a six-year period, That dogs can smell landmines was first demonstrated in the s. In particular, an unfavorable climate or thick vegetation can impede them, and they can get confused if there is too high a density of mines.

The detection rate is also variable, so the International Mine Action Standards require an area to be covered by two dogs before it can be declared safe.

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This cost includes 8—10 weeks of initial training. Another 8—10 weeks is needed in the country where the dog is deployed to accustom the dog to its handler, the soil and climate, and the type of explosives. MDDs were first deployed in Afghanistan, which still has one of the largest programs. This involves collecting air samples from stretches of land about meters long and having dogs or rats sniff them to determine whether the area needs clearing.

Mechanical demining makes use of vehicles with devices such as tillers, flails , rollers , and excavation. They are now primarily used in humanitarian demining for technical surveys, to prepare the ground removing vegetation and tripwires , [50] and to detonate explosives. Tiller systems consist of a heavy drum fitted with teeth or bits that are intended to destroy or detonate mines to a given depth.

However, mines can be forced downwards or collected in a "bow wave" in front of the roller. The chains act like swinging hammers. A blast shield protects the driver and the cabin is designed to deflect projectiles. First used in World War I with tanks, rollers are designed to detonate mines; blast-resistant vehicles with steel wheels, such as the Casspir , serve a similar purpose. However, those used in humanitarian demining cannot withstand the blast from an anti-tank mine, so their use must be preceded by careful surveying.

Unlike flails and tillers, they only destroy functioning mines, and even those do not always explode. Excavation, the removal of soil to a given depth, is done using modified construction vehicles such as bulldozers , excavators , front-end loaders , tractors and soil sifters. Armor plates and reinforced glass are added. Removed soil is sifted and inspected. It can also be fed through an industrial rock crusher, which is robust enough to withstand blasts from antipersonnel mines. Excavation is a reliable way of clearing an area to a depth that other mechanical systems cannot reach, and it has been used in several countries.

In particular, the HALO Trust estimates that their excavation program destroys mines about 7 times faster than manual deminers.